It takes a special kind of vision to bring alive your renovation and refurbishment dreams. Working closely with fellow professionals such as architects, structural engineers and planning authorities, we can transform the most challenging space into something extraordinary.

For most clients, creating space and light is high on the wish-list. We'll work with architects to implement creative solutions such as altering the position of a staircase or inserting a sun tunnel or skylight.

If your renovation includes extending the property, we'll ensure that all materials such as roof tiles, bricks and mortar are expertly matched to ensure seamless blending with the existing construction.

Whether you're looking for country charm or a bold, modern statement, our experienced staff have the knowledge and skills to realise your vision – and more.

Please call on 01730 817123 to find out how we can help transform your dreams into reality. We're happy to give a free, no-obligation quote on a property you already own. If it's a house you're considering buying, we will charge a modest fixed fee.